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 Susan Claridge (writing under the penname S.R. Claridge) grew up in St.Louis, Missouri where she graduated from Lindbergh High School and furthered her education at the University of Missouri, Columbia, with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She now resides in Colorado with her husband and two children.  She began her writing career being published for her poetry, lyrics and greeting cards, expounding into script writing and has found her niche in the fiction world of mystery and romantic suspense. She says it is her background in theatre and psychology that help her fill the pages of each novel with enough dramatic suspense to keep readers guessing until the very end.

Her debut novel, NO EASY WAY, was nominated for the HODRW “Heart of Molly” award. She is currently writing a mystery series entitled, Just Call Me Angel.  The first book in the series, TETTERBAUM’S TRUTH, released in February 2011 and the sequel, TRAITORS AMONG US, will be available June 2011. 

Her writing has been compared to the humor of best-selling author, Janet Evanovich and the suspense of Mary Higgins Clark.   


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Current Releases
  With Tetterbaum’s Truth revealed and her identity exposed, Angel Martin tries to adjust to her radically new role as head of the Chicago Maratinzano family.  Unfortunately, Mafia life offers little down time.   ...
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  Angel Martin plans to marry Tony and live happily ever after… until Tony disappears.  Nursing a broken heart, she takes a job at Tetterbaum’s Pub, unaware it is the most prestigious Mafia hangout in Chicago. Throu...
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  Swerving with the kind of deliberate precision only blind rage can empower, the black pick-up crushes Kansas Oil Tycoon, Lou Martin Miller, leaving Miller’s widow with an impossible choice:  Cover the sin that lead to her hus...
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No Easy Way

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