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Since a child I have been driven to explore, look beyond and search out change. This took me to the Fiji Islands on Volunteer Service Abroad at eighteen and to Italy after university, where I stayed for the next decade. I had been out to conquer the world but instead met the man who was to be my lifelong companion. While he studied and did military service, I taught English and travelled.
But the settling down bug caught up with me. I returned to New Zealand husband in tow, bought a house, started a business in the fashion industry and had a baby.
For many years we worked, worried, renovated houses and homeschooled our son.
However, the need to chill out came back and now we still work, while our son finishes his education at school but we worry less and enjoy life more.
Roll on the next fifty years.
Current Releases
Amber has no reason to leave the daily turmoil of life aboard a prison ship, created to house those with the violent Cleaven gene. Though now rehabilitated, she has chosen to stay and counsel the inmates who struggle to come to terms with their impri...
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Crash into Darkness
When Niki’s partner, Logan, is kidnapped by poachers in Zambia, she tumbles into the sordid underbelly of a world where survival reigns and animals are sacrificed for financial gain. In order to rescue her man, she will fight all the way to the...
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Rough Justice
Jo has the darkest of secrets in her past, which drives her to seek out the most traumatic of hotspots in the world as a war correspondent so she never has the time to confront what she did. A fellow reporter, Craig, accompanies her into war-torn Ser...
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Beneath the Surface

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