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Suzanne van Rooyen

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, I now live in Finland with my fiancee and shiba inu, Lego. I'm a freelance writer and author with a penchant for the dark and strange. I primarily write speculative fiction for both young and adult audiences.

I host author interviews, guest posts and book reviews every Tuesday and Thursday on my blog. If you're interested, contact me at the email address provided on my website.

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For many people, there's nothing hotter than a man with tattoos. He might get them to commemorate a lost loved one, celebrate an event, or just to look bad-ass, but there's no doubt the man enjoys showing off his ink. Tribal, classic black...
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Written in Flesh

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Dragon's Teeth
I remember road trips from California to Wichita Kansas. My big brother in the back seat crying, 'Chris is singing again.' Dad said as long as I was singing whatever was on the radio. Ha, those were good times, I threw my purse out the win...
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Road Trip

A Peek Into the Life of Suzanne van Rooyen

My shiba inu Lego

My shiba inu Lego

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