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Suzy Knight is an average English girl, who after completing a degree in boring business management decided to travel halfway around the world to the land of kpop and kimchi to be a teacher.


Whilst in Korea, Suzy rediscovered her passion for writing and managed to write the novel Love and War in between working at her academy and volunteering with animal rescue. Two years later and she’s back in England with her rescued Korean puppy, Panda.


Now she is working on her next novels, while training Panda to be less nervous. To contact Suzy you can message her via her facebooktwitter or by email:

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In the small kingdom of Estoria, war is brewing. Trapped between the deadly Cantarrus Mountains and the volatile kingdom of Belvidia, war seems unavoidable. The time has come to announce the heir to the throne so as to give the kingdom a much needed ...
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Love and War

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