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Veterans, rugby players, and a boy finding out he's really a Sir... Seventeen short stories ranging from smutty to sweet, and from England's past to the USA's present. A chef who needs to be put in his place, college boys playing with swo...
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Syd McGinley Collection
Tim is a cute, wholesome, tennis playing "nephew" for well-off retirees, but he wants to retire as soon as he has a nest egg. His plans are shaken up when he learns a corrupt nursing home is abusing some of his clients' impoverished fri...
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A Cheap Racket
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Charlie needs a firm hand, and when his owner, Ben, has to travel for business, he calls in a pet sitter. Strict disciplinarian Dr. John Fell might just be the man for the job, but are any of them ready for what happens when a real Sir meets a silly,...
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Dr. Fell Shorts Collection
  On the brink of receiving his commitment mark from Dr. Tanaka, Tommy has to pass on some devastating news.  Will his stern owner be able to handle his own emotions and Tommy's reactions to the fallout from the news? Origina...
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Paper Cranes
Tommy’s a great designer -- so why can’t he design the right commitment mark to show he’s Dr. Tanaka’s boy? As his deadline approaches, things only get worse when news -- the very best and the very worst -- from friends thr...
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Wax On, Wax Off
In this Felliverse story, Rinnie and Tommy are living with Dr. Fell's mentor, Dr. Pol Rønne. When Tommy takes too long getting ready to go home after a drag show, he and Rinnie have to put on a show of their own for Pol using Tommy'...
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Ain't Misbehavin'
On nights with big moons, Lady Night Boys look for life… Wild boy Tarin is only telling a fireside story, but, like all his best intentions, it goes awry. He's survived this year's boy hunt, but now he must learn to protect the...
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Lady Night, an Out of the Woods story
  Tarin's been caught, but can he be civilized? Despite his wild ways and his keen instincts, Twice-caught Tarin is bonding with his beak-faced captain, Garrick, but not everyone wants their relationship to succeed. Learning civil...
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Charlie knew Dr. Fell wouldn't be so mean as to refuse his request to have a Rainbow Babies picnic at the cabin, especially since Charlie prudently took Mama P and Little Bit with him to ask his favor.  Will Dr. Fell manage to surviv...
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Poster Child
Classics professor Nestor hates being teased about having summer off. He's scrambling to write a book and is lonely at home all day. When his bear sir, Steven, comes home from a difficult day on the pediatric ward, he's in no mood for Nest...
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Nestor and the Burnished Poop
  Tommy still misses Dr. Fell. In "un bel di vedremo", he tries to compensate for his own ownerless state by pushing Rinnie and Dr. Pol Rønne to deal with their inevitable separation. To crown all Tommy's worries, he&...
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Un bel di vedremo
Tommy adores his strict Sensei, Dr. Tanaka, and has submitted to his master’s marks and ownership. So why are silly little things, such as Facebook updates, getting him into trouble?  Tanaka-sama knows just what his restless boy needs a...
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Dr. Fell is teaching English at a local college, and working on fixing up his cabin, but his best friend Ben and Ben's sub twink want him to get back into the swing of regular life, worried that he's withdrawn after the death of his ...
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Lost and Found
Wild boy Tarin is determined not to be captured by the men who live in the decaying Before Times buildings on the other side of Tarin’s woodland home, but he’s just as determined to protect the younger boys in the woods. No on...
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Out of the Woods
Dr. Fell has survived the first retreat at his cabin – and has ended up with a new job, a boy, and a heap of trouble! Dr. Fell’s new role of Foundation Director is tested as he gets an abused boy’s owner to face his respons...
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Catch and Release
Retired rent boy Tim and his bear-sir Ari continue their crusade against gay elder abuse. Along with May-December couple Cal and Otis, they develop a member-run retirement home that’s not only gay but D/s friendly. They dream of a comm...
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Rosemary is for Remembrance
Seattle businessman Bill has been too busy being successful to find time to explore his sexuality. Now that he has time, buying a boy for six-months to find out if he’s really a sir just makes good sense to him. Cory scratches out a livi...
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Garnet: A Season of Hell
You’ve come a long way, baby! From junkie bag boy slut to a well-disciplined boy and proud father about to graduate from college, Charlie has really pulled his life together. Ben and Dr. Fell continue to guide their twink as he faces t...
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Sky Blue Pink: Flying Pigs
June is not a good month for Dr. Fell – he's facing his own thirtieth birthday and the seventh anniversary of Rob’s death. On a rare vacation from his duties, he takes a road trip on his Harley. The last thing he expects is a summer solst...
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Rude Mechanicals
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Ryan and Hugh from Not Sir are back, and Hugh is just as demanding and gruff as ever – except now he really is Sir Hugh. Hugh insists a trip to England for Ryan to meet his mother, Lady Barstow, and all his terrifying big sisters is a jolly goo...
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A Jolly Good Idea
Dr. Fell is not happy. His cabin needs repairs, and his new trainee, Tommy, is too exuberant. Can he handle a peppy, singing boy, a plumbing challenge, and his memories of Rob? All while indulging in his Secret Vice? Originally published in T...
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A Secret Vice
Dr. Katashi Tanaka may be in hot water when he takes his boy, Tommy, to meet his family. His little sister, Mariko, is irrepressible and sure to gossip with Tommy, and his mother may be the only person alive who can oblige Dr. Tanaka to do a...
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Little Fishes

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