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Sydney Lain

Sydney was born and raised in the Northeast of the United States. She loves to read fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal romance novels. After years of devouring book after book, Sydney started writing her own stories. She enjoys creating complex characters and throwing them together and letting the story write itself.


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Current Releases
Love is the one silver bullet that could destroy them both. At Sterling Enterprises, Christmas is just another nose-to-the-grindstone day. CEO Alex Sterling has heard the rumor that half his accounting department is in therapy, but he doesn’...
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Unwrapping the Omega
Grant Morris knows what it’s like to be alone. His mother abandoned him, his father died, and his cousin Toby moved to another territory. To make matters worse, his evil uncle locks him up and threatens to torture him. After escaping, he only h...
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Grant's Submissive Side
Toby Carlton lives a lonely life. Born into a wizard family unable to use magic has left him feeling like an outsider. As the Supernatural Society Council truth examiner, he pieces together clues and information trying to find answers to supernatural...
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Thomas's Troubled Mate
Jacob White has been in love with Zed, the vampire prince, for almost five years. Zed sees Jacob as a child, but determined to show Zed he's dependable and strong, Jacob starts investigating the drugs coming into Zed's territory. Griffin L...
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Jacob's Conflicted Heart
Roman Walker left the demon realm to search for his mate in the human world. When he arrived, the human world was chaotic with supernaturals challenging and killing each other. After working to build a stable world, Roman still dreams of finding his ...
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Roman's Silent Mate

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