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I believe life gives you exactly what you can handle.  Wait - I need to back up a bit.  I am a Commonwealth hybrid of sorts, born in England, raised in Trinidad, now iving in the northern Bahamas.  For eighteen years I taught high school then "retired" to go into the private sector.

Ten years later, brutalised and bleeding, I found myself standing in front of a biblioteca in the the mountains of Central Mexico, wondering how my life had gone so off track.  By the summer of 2008 I had married my soul mate, had the child of my dreams and built a beautiful house.  Check.

But at work it was a different story.  I made millions of dollars - for someone else.  Someone else was raising my kid and cooking the meals.  Someone else was living my life.

Which brings us back to the biblioteca - BOOKS!  That was what was missing all along.  I had published a romance novel seventeen years ago and then walked away.  I did not dare call myself a writer then.  Now, standing in this gorgeous space I realised I had nothing to lose.

Fast forward to 2009.  I got out of retail and back into the classroom to give me more time with my family, and to be able to write.  As of 2009 I have published the novel Eventide with Hearts On Fire Books, finished another and started a third.  My second novel, The Chieftain's Chair has just been accepted for publication by HOF!

I wake every day bursting with energy.  I have kissed my husband more in six months than I can remember.  I play with my kid every day.  I believe life gives you exactly what you can handle.  I am grabbing on and going for the ride!
A Note From T Ali

I like to write about Caribbean women who are educated, smart, sexy - and confused about life.  They have made bad choices in the past and are often reluctant to move on in life. 

My heroes are strong, gorgeous men, usually ethnically and geographically different from the heroines.  They too have turbulent pasts and have been burned in love.  What they want morre than anything else is their mate - the one woman who completes them and makes the universe a wondrous place.  When they find what they are looking for they will do anything, face any danger to make the woman theirs.

I love plot turns and unexpected conflicts, strange events and fabulous HEAs.  There are so many stories waiting to be written and I can hardly keep up!
Current Releases
Cultural anthropologist Surya Raj has returned to Trinidad after a self-imposed exile of ten years to find her brother, gone missing suddenly in the middle of a significant archaeological find in the Tamana Caves.  His science partner Daniel is ...
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The Chieftain's Chair

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