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Writing for me is; a complete physical and emotional surrender to the written word. I have been writing for 15 years, starting at a young age with poetry, moving into short stories and now the Three Stages of Love Trilogy. As a young wife and mother of two, I am also successful in business; a trifecta that has required much reinvention of the woman within me. The 'keeping it together' throughout the evolution is what so many women fear and want to know about. My writing is guided not by the desire to sell a book, but with a passion to venture into a life long fulfilling career and piece of mind as an author in a variety of genres.

I am simply a woman who believes that the only risks one regrets in life are the risks that one does not take. My new erotic romance novels explore the boundaries in which women toy with in order to have it all.

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Evangeline Chase is standing at the edge of a crossroad. After choosing to be blissfully ignorant for far too long and willfully ignoring what her life has been lacking, fate is about to intervene. When Alexander Mason, a striking and powerful ven...
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Three Stages of Love: Lust

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