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Will Crimson agree to join Teclis and Coil's relationship and make their twosome a threesome? Teclis and Coil are security officers assigned to the Gracian spaceship the Gemorph, but for the last few months they've been living on a small i...
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Teclis's Sparks
Can a kidnap victim overcome her distress by helping the species that saved her? Maggie is among a group of human women who were kidnapped by aliens. The Lesh intended to sell them into slavery, but thankfully, before that could happen, they were ...
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Koop's Spark
Can a human female really be an alien's destined mate? Amelia is on holiday, hiking in Scotland, when a weird-shaped dart hits her in the neck. Almost immediately, she loses consciousness. Waking up some time later, she discovers she's bei...
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Trian's Spark
Danielle seeks somewhere to hide from her past and finds something out of this world. For the past five years Danielle and her son Ollie have been the only residents on the Vanish Isle. One night she's awoken by a loud noise. Fearing that the ...
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A Shifter's Healing Love
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A daughter who has returned home to assume her position as Alpha of the Ash Tail Pack, and the man who loves her, struggle to overcome those who oppose her. Four years ago, when Raven turned old enough to choose a mate and have young—a duty ...
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Ash Tail Pack
Two bears shifters plus a camping trip with a feisty schoolteacher equals fun and adventure, but trouble is lurking around the corner. Melanie had a hard, lonely childhood, but she overcame her obstacles and now she has a job she loves—a nur...
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Dragon's Heart: Melanie's Men
Three dragon shifters find their mates, but the path to love won't be easy. Troy's Trouble Troy spends his days and nights running his nightclub, Dragon's Heart. Despite his busy schedule, he never lacks for female companionship, bu...
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Box Set: Dragon's Heart, Volume 1
Two tiger shifters struggle to find their way past pain and heartbreak in the hopes of discovering their own happily ever after. Belle lives in a village that is a sanctuary for feline shifters who need a place to escape their troubles and start a...
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The Enforcer's Destined Mate
A dragon shifter finds his mate, but now he's put her in danger. He has to protect her at any cost, because he can't handle losing another person he loves. Pete had his heart ripped to pieces years ago when his family was murdered in their...
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Dragon's Heart: Pete's Precious
Danger follows an injured woman with no memory of her past, but one man is determined to keep her safe. She's in for a surprise when she discovers her protector is really a leopard shifter. Harris, a snow leopard shifter, is Alpha to a clowder...
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The Alpha's Chick
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Sarah knows her past will catch up with her sooner or later, but a red dragon catches her first. Dennenth moved to London from his beloved mountains in Scotland, leaving his family, in the hopes of finding his true mate. Accepting his friend's...
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Dragon's Heart: Dennenth's Darling
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Unbeknownst to her, Maddy has an enemy who wants to kill her. Greyback is determined to protect her, even if he has to kidnap her to do it. Maddy hasn't had the best of luck. She was found on the steps of a church as a baby, then her adoptive ...
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The Tranquil Hunters Pride
A man falls in love with a woman created by scientists, but after the hellish life she's had, she's lost the will to live. Can he help her find the love and happiness she deserves? Lulu was created by scientists who combined human and alie...
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Free From Eden
It was just supposed to be a one-night stand, but it turned into so much more. Troy spends his days and nights running his nightclub, Dragon's Heart. Despite his busy schedule, he doesn't lack for female companionship. He's never had a...
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Dragon's Heart: Troy's Trouble
Eve and Charlie find love in a place named Eden, but it's not a flowery garden. Eve is a test subject and Charlie is her guard. Eve has lived her entire life in a hidden, underground complex called Eden. Decades earlier a group of clever scien...
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Running From Eden
What happens when the Alpha of a wolf shifter pack discovers that his mate is human and she has no idea shifters even exist? Conan, the Alpha of the Whisper Pride wolf pack, has to hire a new veterinary nurse when his current one leaves to have he...
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Whisper Pride Pack

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