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T. Ellery Hodges was born in Sacramento, Ca in 1981. He moved to Seattle at nineteen and received his Bachelors of Science from the University Of Washington. 
Somewhere in high school and early college, he gravitated toward writing. Then he forced unsuspecting students, who had made the mistake of taking creative writing during the same period as him, to endure the reading of his short stories. 
During his twenties he worked in a laboratory performing drug trials, traveled most of Washington State fixing computers for Apple, sold gym memberships, and helped manage an international supply chain for a chemical distributor. Yet, much like the rest of his generation, he found that he wasn't well suited to doing any type of work for long. 
So, he brushed the metaphorical dust off the novel he'd been writing in his head for the last six years. Then, he looked up the definition of 'metaphorical' because he was pretty sure that people who called themselves writers knew that one. He found that there was at least one thing he could endure doing for forty hours a week for the rest of his life. 
There is a lesson in all that about ignoring what you want to do for what you think you should, but this is a biography not a lecture.
Currently, he lives with his wife and son in Seattle. He has two dogs, a Border Collie and a Doberman, Darwin and Dharma, respectively.

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