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Born in 1887. Horse orthodonist and connoisseur of Vimto. Favourite seduction method is to sing a lullaby rendition of "Knees Up Mother Brown" accompanied by trombone and therimn. Handy with a Bowie Knife but happier with a blueberry blancmange. Voted for Electrolux in the 1932 Presidential Election. Most favoured herb: Parsley. Turned down a proposal of polygamy from the Van DeGroote sisters. Represented in all court cases by Harbottle, Kinch and Rumsfeld. Took up the pen while convalescing from a volcanic erruption. Author of "Bathtime with a Shoggoth" MindMyBunion! Press (1959) "To the Moon and Back on a Dandelion" CrabApple Press (1962) "The Sugar-Coated Phalanx -- a Survey of Lily-Livered Armies Throughout History" Deep Fried Angel Publications (1974). "Germolene -- The Smell and Texture of Social Failure" Yale University Press (1991) "Implementing Unix on the Goblin Teasmade" Babarni Computer Books (1992). "How to Boil an Egg in Your Dishwasher and Other Copper-Bottomed Recession-Proof Cooking Tips" Faber & Faber (2008).

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