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I’ve been working as a graphic artist for more years than I can remember. Based in Barbados, where I was born, writing has always appealed to me – whether reading someone else’s literary masterpieces, or doing my own disjointed ramblings.

Early in 2008, I finally received the right motivation to just jump right in and start writing seriously. 

To date, I have through Champagne Book Group, the Lancaster Trilogy, a science fiction adventure first release in 2010. Through Ring of Fire Publishing, I have To Catch A Marlin, a futuristic cat and mouse tale, released October 2012.

A Note From T K Toppin

The Lancaster Rule is the first in a trilogy.  The Master Key, the second in the series was released July 2011, and The Eternal Knot, the last in the series will be due out January 2012.

Recent Reviews: The Lancaster Rule

Dawn's Reading Nook: "I got to admit, Ms. Toppin delivers one pure adrenaline rush while I was reading THE LANCASTER RULE. It was pure adventure from the beginning and frankly I could not put it down. The characters are well written and dominate the story. I love character rich stories and this one is written so well, I felt like I could be friends with Josie as she tries to flee the Lancaster’s. It almost had me feeling like I was along side Josie as she tries to figure everything out and who is the bad guy & the good guy. Ms. Toppin is a talented author who kept me riveted the entire time I was reading this latest story. The writing was tight, action packed and the romance flowed seamlessly within the pages to give it that added punch to the storyline."

The Pagan & The Pen Book Reviews: "I wish more ‘edges’ had been smoothed here. It’s an excellent story. It’s imaginative and engaging and I believe that this first novel is a wondrous precursor of what Ms. Toppin has to offer. As written I was not so happy with this book (the story, yes, the book, no) but I see potential in it. I’d read it again if it were polished up, and I’d even go out and watch a movie version of it as there were a number of parts that would make exciting scenes in an action flick! I see the potential for the series too. I’m keeping in mind the example of JK Rowling’s seventh book, which glowingly overshadowed her first, and I will be looking for Ms. Toppin’s name on the cover of future novels."

The Scattering: "T.K. Toppin’s lyrical writing style adds a certain elegance to a story that could easily have become as hard and cold as a tyrannical world government, and her characters evolve over the course of the novel, however sudden their awakening may have been at the start."

Manic Readers: "A story full of emotion, The Lancaster Rule takes you from the depths of despair to the heights of romance, interspersed with wild fights and escapes. Fair warning, it’s a bloody violent story sometimes, but such is the price of war. The characters are highly developed, almost to a fault at some points where their rambling minds wander onto topics that have nothing to do with anything except giving them a past and leave the reader wondering when they’ll get to the point. The villain, while unexpected but not a total surprise, is a bit lacking. He is one of the least defined characters in the story, and his character changes drastically once his intentions are revealed, which makes sense, but is still a bit jarring to have him change so much from his original persona. Otherwise, though, The Lancaster Rule is a wild and imaginative picture of the future."

Reading, Reading and Life: "...This book has it all. A love story, a love triangle, adventures, mayhem, humor, wonderful characters that you truly want to get to know better, cheer for, sneer at, laugh at and enjoy. I honestly never thought I could enjoy a sci-fi/fantasy book so much and I look forward to the next in the series."

Travel The Ages: "...I loved it and would highly recommend it, even with the things of which I took issue. The Lancaster Rule was a story well worth reading, one of the most enjoyable I’ve read in a while. The ending had me smiling. I loved the sense of humor woven throughout the story, even among the very serious parts of the books that kept me riveted. This story entertains and takes a reader on an emotional ride. Check it out!"

A Writers Life: "In THE LANCASTER RULE, T. K. spins a suspenseful futuristic adventure."


Recent Review: The Master Key (Book 2 in The Lancaster Trilogy)

Reading, Reading & Life: "THE MASTER KEY is non-stop action.  It kind of reminded me of the action we saw in Star Wars.  Crazy space stations, droids, robots and other strange things.  Weapon's that I would never have thought of and what I like most of all is the medical care and how advanced and good it is.  I laughed out loud so many times when Josie goes off on her potty mouth tirades.  Cussing is not the norm in this future but Josie forgets, often.  Her complaining to John about the food in space was funny as heck.  I really enjoy them as a couple.  The only other couple that I enjoy as much is Jamie and Claire Fraser from the Outlander series."


Travel The Ages: "This book is richly detailed. The author has done a great job at world building. There is plenty of adventure, and fight scenes are abundant, sometimes graphic and very realistic. It’s action packed. There are some wild scientific turns, at times almost freakish.
Charming and funny scenes are mixed in. Josie and John have great chemistry, and this comes into play throughout this fast-paced story.
Themes of family, trust, ethics, and immortality raise some intriguing issues and stimulate thinking."

Current Releases

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To Catch A Marlin
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Unable to resist the lure of finding her niece, Josie picks up the crumbs of clues left behind. With her old friend and savior, pod-hunter Quin Aguilar at her side, she seeks out Fern Betterncourt who is assumed to be sleeping for over a hundred y...
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The Eternal Knot
The second book in the trilogy, The Master Key spins a tale of mystery and intrigue as Josie’s life is now thrown back into her past. All is not idyllic as Josie begins her new life in the future as wife to the world president, John Lanc...
Available Now!
The Master Key
The world loathes Josie Bettencourt's kind– pod-survivors from the past. When death is certain, an ex-military and friend to the pod-hunters, saves her life. Unfortunately, she is soon arrested and taken straight to the Citadel, the hear...
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The Lancaster Rule
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