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T.L. Adams is an award-winning author in various genre, from poetry and advertising to editorial. A writer for more than 10 years, Adams has recently released previously unpublished works of romance & erotica in e-book format for convenient online enjoyment.

Adams' characters, plots and settings are based on real people, their fantasies and their experiences although names and locations have been fictionalized.

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A Note From TL Adams

Some readers prefer to read about characters engaging in sexual fantasy as part of a romantic relationship.  Others enjoy a glimpse into the world of recreational sexual fantasy fulfillment where love or romance may or may not exist and the focus is on the hedonistic pleasure more than romance.  My books are the latter. 

Current Releases
Mick knew why Carrie married him. It wasn't because she loved him; Mick knew that. It wasn't because he made a lot of money or even might someday. Carrie was out of Mick's league and he knew it.   ...
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The Cuckold
Explicit adult content depicting mild bondage and bisexual encounters
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The Strip
Stranded along a deserted stretch of highway, Lauren finds herself at the mercy of her Cajun-bred captors intent on proving their manhood. Is this Lauren's chance to live out her rape fantasy … or something else entirely? ...
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The Tow Truck

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The Picnic
Diane stood naked in front of the mirror. She reached under her breasts and plumped her girls, then turned sideways to see if her ass stuck out too much and if her tits were still perky. Harry didn't want her any more; that was clear. She wond...
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The Presentation

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