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T.M. Hobbs lives in a small town in Northeast Texas, with her husband, son, and the sweetest cat that has ever graced the Earth. She has always enjoyed reading stories filled with romance, adventure, fantasy, and mystery. In recent years, however, she has taken these passions to a new height in discovering her own voice through writing fiction.

This challenge began for her several years ago when she took a huge step and nervously joined an online group of young writers, who had the same passion she did for exploring other possible plots for their favorite stories. She had almost completed her first lengthy such project and felt she needed to find a place where others could enjoy reading it as well.

When that project ended at approximately 110,000 words, she knew she could do more and searched for a way to put her talent and love of writing into motion for a more beneficial means.

For her, writing is a way of traveling to places and times that would otherwise be impossible to touch and feel. She has found the ability to create new characters and form their lives rewarding, and it brings her a feeling of accomplishment.

Through writing, she has found that she not only feels better about herself, she also has a great sense of satisfaction knowing that she has created something that someone else can enjoy.

For this author, romance is a fundamental component in what she enjoys writing. Whether it is the Native American captive tale or a historical novel set on the rolling, misty moors in 18th century England, she loves sharing the world she has created with others.

T.M. Hobbs has had the good fortune of having several of her short stories and novels published. She has worked with Books To Go Now and Gypsy Shadow Publishing, to name a few. 

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Current Releases
Faithston Billows finds she is alone after the death of her father.  Through the kind mercies of her uncle, Marston Wilmouth, Miss Billows is given a home in Profdin, at his estate known as Thrushright.  Upon her arrival, however, she le...
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Forbidden Kin
She called him Tender Spirit, because he was kind to her, for she knew not his true name. In fact, Beth named them all, the entire band of young Indian men who took her from her home. As she watched them, she found their characters and manneri...
Available Now!
Soyala (Time of Winter) In My Soul
Sara's worst fears are realized, when she is taken captive by who she thinks is one of the same savage Indians who killed her parents. But her captor, Takoda, is different from those who robbed her of her mother and father.  The more time...
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Elissa seeks sanctuary among the forest veil from a cruel stepmother, until she finds herself lost and alone. The shadows stretch long and ominous around her. She finds comfort in a stranger's voice; the voice of a man who sought shelter from ...
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Voices of the Forrest (Voices Abound)
Clarity Myers, a waitress at a diner just off the beaten path in Arizona, met a man whom she knew was a drifter, a free spirit carried by the wind. Although she had never been a risk taker, the mutual attraction was evident from the moment they me...
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Born Free
Crystal Tears is about a young girl's struggle to survive, hindered by an ability she sees as a curse. It is only after she is older that she realizes it can be a gift as well. Camille's journey begins as she finds herself alone at the age...
Available Now!
Crystal Tears Forever

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