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T.W Embry was born in Sasebo Japan in 1962 the son of a U.S. Naval officer assigned to the Pacific fleet. After living in 3 countries and 17 states all before the age of 6 the Embrys settled in St Lucie county Florida where T.W. has been mostly a lifelong resident. After finishing John Carroll High School and a short stint in the U.S Navy, T.W returned to St Lucie County bought a house, met and married his wife of 19 years Linda. Together they raised their daughter Corri and started a florist shop where they both work full time. T.Ws interest in writing began by chance in Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Miami Fl at the advice of his English professor, Professor Wolfson. This resulted in his first book, Revenge from Mars, along with a burning passion to tell a good story with a twist.  

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After his release from the Special Forces, Thomas Scott finds himself doing a heist with a group of former Special Forces operatives turned rogue. That fateful night, Tom's life is changed forever when he is approached by an alien, Snarth, who ha...
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Alien Manifesto

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