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Woman of light—Grace Martin once loved Rio Kelman—Older and wiser now, she refuses to surrender her heart to the gunfighter again—not when he has a habit of riding away when she needs him the most. Man of darkness—Rio Kel...
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Darkest angel
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  In a world where magic is dying?two people meet under unusual circumstances…   Realm of light?New to this witchy stuff, Kirrah Walker crashes her broom into a stranger and knocks him unconscious. Feeling guilty,...
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Witch's Fire (Book 5 of the Winslow Witches of Salem
Journey to a world where magic rules and death is the penalty for mistakes-return to the kingdom of Ru-Noc, where witches, wizards, and warlocks dwell… Hannah Miller is starting over-new life, new location, and the grand opening of the...
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A Witch's Heart (Book 2 of the Winslow Witches of Salem)

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