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Tamara Jock

A self-described geek, Tamara grew up watching Star Trek and Twilight Zone reruns.  Her love for all things otherworldly and scary carries into her writing to this day.  She loves good wine, football, haunted houses, the Ancient Astronaut theory, and the History Channel.  Her guilty pleasure is eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.

Her novel The Willow and the Stone won Fiction and Novel awards from the Southeastern Writers Association.  Her as yet unproduced (sigh) screenplay ‘Blackbeard’ was a quarterfinalist in the American Screenwriters Awards.  Yeah, she likes pirates too. 

Tamara lives in Brunswick, Georgia, with her husband and son.

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When Alex, Colwyn, and Jacob Lasham exiled the mother of demonkind from Earth 25 years ago, they thought they’d never see her again.  Yet evil refuses to stay dead, and Lilith has a score to settle with the trio.  She is determined...
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Lilith's Return
Six years ago, an alien invasion nearly decimated the human race.  Carli Dixon and Leo Black Elk lead a small band of survivors against the insectoid extraterrestrials, determined to win Earth back for mankind.  In between attacks on the...
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Willow in the Desert
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Alex Williams has battled demons all her life. Now Lilith, the mother of all demon kind, has declared war on the human race. To defeat the immortal succubus, Alex must lay aside her hatred and work with two half-demons, Colwyn and Jacob. Alex and ...
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Four years ago, insectile aliens arrived on Earth in great pyramid ships. Now mankind is reduced to a few pockets of survivors, skulking in the shadows to elude the creatures that rule the planet. Among those survivors are Carli Dixon and Renee Johns...
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The Willow and The Stone
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