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I grew up in Europe, primarily in Germany, which is a wonderfully diverse country filled with magically induced superstitions and the mystical beliefs of the old. The ancient tales that were told there, the basis to many of our fairytales, I learned were meant to frighten children. Strangely enough, all these beloved tales hold a semblance of truth in their dark depths.

The stories I write hold that essence, where the darkness of life borders on the edge of sunset and where the dead savor or regret those long and lonely hours until the sun rises on the horizon.

Where every soul has a chance at redemption….

I'm on the board of a members only paranormal site called Paranormal Romance Guild. Come & visit at at:

Oh, just a quick note--I do write 'normal' romances and an occasional cookbook. 

Stop by and visit me at my website--- and find out about the latest going-ons in my world!  I'd love to hear from you.

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Current Releases

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Gather Around My Table

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Tears of Blood

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Moonlight Deception
I wrote torrid historical romances for a living. I’d be the first to admit writing was my love. Through the pages of a novel, I could live in a realm clouded by daydreams and fantasy. I preferred to exist in a world filled with imagination...
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Blood Moon
....I speak of a love that happens betwixt a man and a woman but once in a lifetime... Dante Burroughs was unaware of the hidden promises whispered in the ancient phrase, or of the dreams that would torment him. Unfulfilled dreams of a wo...
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My Lord Raven
There is a scent that fills the night, far more delicate than the beat of the heart, more fragile than the whisper of breath escaping human lungs. The echo that fills the darkness is the scent of blood pulsating through the mortal body. Com...
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Blood of the Beast
I Can’t Cook Because I’m a White Girl encourages everyone to overcome the cultural diversity and stigmas so often associated with ethnic cooking in today’s society. No matter from which region of the country one may originate, simpl...
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I Can't Cook Because I'm A White Girl

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