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Melody and Jason are stationed in Fort Jackson, counting down the days both until their wedding and the birth of their baby. Neither one can even begin to imagine the chaos that’s in store for them when their families arrive to celebrate with t...
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A Soldier's Love
Abilene Beard is the coyote pack alpha of Silver Shadow Pack in California, she was a no bullshit, take no prisoners kind of woman who tended to business with ruthless efficiency. Normally, Abilene’s daughter Storm wouldn't worry about her ...
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Promise's Kept (Coyote 1)
Sasha Annabel McGee or Colonel McGee of the United States Army is in command of a Brigade at Fort Drum, New York. When she throws a Christmas party for her headquarters company, it gives her a chance to see Chief Warrant Officers Shawn Sill, one last...
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Combat Boots & Mistletoe (Combat Boots 1)
Sasha Adabel McGee Sill is a full-bird Colonel in the United States Army, and her life is where she wants it to be for a short time until her husband Shawn gets deployed. Sasha is still haunted by the horrors of war when she toured in Afghanistan, an...
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Combat Boots & Reunions (Combat Boots 2)
College student Caprice Angela Talbot (Cat) for short is a student at Idaho State University in the good old state of Idaho. Cat has always been a rebel and nonconformist. Granted her brown hair and brown eyes are not exactly rebellious looking. C...
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The Night That Never Was

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