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I write the kinds of stories I love to read, contemporary romance with authentic characters and realistic themes. From laugh-out-loud romantic comedy to nail-biting suspense, I’ve got you covered. Escape with me into books.

In the real world, I’m a pampered wife, proud mom, doting nana, and dog owner—again.

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The one time Mia Page undresses a perfect stranger with her eyes and he busts her? What are the odds? Now, this embarrassed mom is running into the hot middle school teacher everywhere. Is there no mercy for the wicked? It’s not fair. Nor is...
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Grading on Curves
Eden Hennessey, champion of social justice and attorney with the non-profit Civil Rights Watch, just won her biggest case yet—and made a dangerous enemy. Now the anonymous hate mail has turned to threats. Someone is following her, taking photos...
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Shadows and Doubts
Two couples on a dangerous collision course. Lauren McKay and Wes Dunlop saw their moment slip away when he left for college. Now, fifteen years later, Detective Dunlop just walked into the domestic violence shelter Lauren runs and the sparks fly,...
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Friends and Lovers
A jaded chef—done with men, A widowed dad, in love again, Recipes are good just recognize, Sometimes it’s better to improvise. Piper Frost is embracing her newly-single status when contractor Chad Thomas crashes her cooking class. D...
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Caution: Filling is Hot
An irresistible woman. An undeniable proposal. Even the unthinkable can sound reasonable when you mix alcohol, sexual frustration, and a bachelorette party—especially a bold proposition. Now in the light of day, Naomi’s hung ...
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If You Want Me
Ella knew what Neil wanted when he called, what they both wanted. Did she dare? Was an hour of passion worth the lies, broken commitments, and the risk of getting caught?  Yes.
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Stolen Moments
Best friends for years, Lance is the first person Kavita and Angie think of, the one person they can call for anything, so moving into the little beach house next to his makes total sense. Only, the open door policy between neighbors brings a level o...
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Sweetest Taboo
Charter boat crewman by day, bartender by night, Hero knows life is hard and rewards are few and fleeting. On the job, intimate propositions happen. He’s accepted some, regretted one. With college behind her, all Dani wants is a stress&nda...
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Tarnished Hero
It was the perfect vacation, the most romantic proposal. Then everything went disastrously wrong. Now Kate Foster is reeling, her future rewritten in an instant. Captain Brady Finn wanted her the moment he saw her. But not like this. Never like th...
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Intimate Strangers
His business is her pleasure. Britt doesn’t care for her friends’ plan to set her up with a total stranger that weekend. However, when sinfully sexy Harrington appears, she reconsiders her objections. The script is fine. It’s the...
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Britt and the Butler
Everyone has a dream. For Shasta Kovich, it’s a career in music— not to be confused with what she had growing up, the daughter of an alcoholic lounge singer. No, she wants more than a life marked by financial strain and cheap motels. B...
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Going Solo
Recently discharged from the Navy, Gabriel Nadeau is looking forward to his new job as head of security for the Pelican Cay Resort. Confident island life will suit him, he’s ready to regain his land legs. Born and raised on Pelican Cay, Adri...
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Dark Storms
An innocent wife. An honorable artist. A scandal no one saw coming. For two years Justine Hubbard has played the supportive wife role for her husband in public…and nowhere else. Senator Gary Hubbard's philandering ended her love for him...
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Sexual Politics
Covering conflicts is his job. She is his solace. Personal tragedy and the loss of both parents at a young age made Ariela Perrine cross self-sacrificing hero types off her datable list. But Ariela is literally swept off her feet when an accident ...
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In Love and War
Some sparks catch. Some consume.  When a tomboy with spunk and opinions runs up against a mild-mannered biologist, they seem an unlikely pair. Finding common ground isn’t easy until nature gives them a push, pitting them against a force...
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Forest Fires
Big changes announce themselves in bursts of color and ... a leaf blower?  Brilliant leaves and crisp clean air aren't the only things to blow into Meredith McCoy's quiet neighborhood. But when her tranquil autumn morning is shattered...
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Falling in love can be scary. Falling for a klutz can be downright risky. Sabrina Eckhart is losing it. Oasis, the restaurant she manages is getting battered by a trendy newcomer, and with everyone looking to her for ideas, you could say she's...
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Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder

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