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Tarah was born on February 24th, 1986, in Park Rapids, Minnesota. She attended public school for one year (kindergarten) before being placed in a Baptist Christian School for several years until being home schooled. She graduated early from home schooling (2001) and became the club manager at her family's golf course. When she was five years old, her family built and began operating Fair Havens Golf Course and she began work there at the age of fifteen.

In 2005, she met a man online from Oklahoma and began a long distance relationship with him. They purchased a home in Durant, Oklahoma, and renovated the entire house by themselves. She learned how to run electrical, patch a roof, drywall, plumbing and countless other manual labors. In this time, Tarah finished most of her work on Sacrifices and she regards those years as the most trying and darkest years of her life. Their relationship ended in August, 2010, when she finally drove home to Minnesota for the last time.

When Tarah was eleven years old, she joined The Jackpine Writers' Bloc ( based out of her home town of Park Rapids, Minnesota. With the writers' group looking at abandonment along with their literary journal, Tarah, along with her aunt Sharon Harris, took the group over. They restarted the monthly writers' meetings and took control of the group's book, The Talking Stick ( They joke yearly that they don't know if they have another book in them. But, after having been a part of publishing sixteen books with The Jackpine Writers' Bloc, it's easy to see how they will continue with their efforts. In their time, the JWB has gone from a little known writers' group to a publication with reports of books sold on the Internet from Alaska to England.

In 2005, Tarah started a web and print design business called Web Services of Park Rapids. She taught herself CSS and XHTML and enjoys writing the code and the entire design process. She also designs books and all types of print design. The business has been moderately successful for her and she continues it to this day. She will be the first to say, though, how badly she simply wishes to support herself by writing for the rest of her life.

In 2010, Tarah's family sold Fair Havens Golf Course and her parents divorced. She regards that year as her landmark year of tremendous change. With her parents divorced, the golf course gone (where she had worked for nearly her entire life) and her own six year relationship over, she and her mother embraced a new life. And though there was grief in the change and loss, Tarah has never had more hope for the future:
"I can't believe where I am. Our financial troubles are still difficult. We've had to sell so much, but I can't tell you how often I look outside, see Minnesota, and am entirely filled with joy and relief: I am finally home. No matter if we have to sell everything we own to get by, I am finally where I want to be and with the people I want to be with and doing what I love. I couldn't ask for more."

In November, 2009, Tarah started her blog chronicling her journey of writing the Embraced By Darkness series and becoming a novelist.

Embraced by Darkness BOOK ONE Sacrifices was release in December 2011 and is available in several format on

Embraced by Darkness BOOK TWO Stricken is expected for a 2012 Christmas release. You can find out more at the official Embraced by Darkness website at:

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