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So this is me. Tatter Jack - writer of erotica. At least, it is when I'm not being someone else - because I am, sometimes. Someone else I mean. . Not because I have any issues with what Tatters writes. But I'm published under another name as well. And just like you don't keep your shoes in the refrigerator and your ice cream in the shoe cupboard (well, unless you do, in which case I'm never coming over for ice cream ), I keep what Tatters does separate from those other things I do. And my shoes stay warmer too, not being in the fridge and all :-). So Tatter is where I self-publish, and Tatter tends to have a little more spice (OK - sometimes a lot more) than my other pen-name. But not just that. Because while the heat's rising, I'd like to make you smile as well. Or maybe even cry.

So welcome to TatterJack-ery. It's cold out. Shall we warm things up?

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Look. No, not here—down there. See her? The woman behind the rock? The one with a Glock 43 in her hand? That's Schae Summers, fantasy author. She only came to Scotland to do some book research. Not to be chased over the heather by a wolf....
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