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When the leader of the Fallen must marry, he chooses a human male. Will Lukas marry Kane or will he run? Detective Lukas Steele works with the Kenton Police Department. One evening he’s kidnapped and taken to an arena to fight for his life w...
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Falling for Lukas
What would you do if an alien chose you? When decorated Royal Guardsmen, Tarik Monat is assigned to protect a heavily pregnant Prince Tavek and his human, Ryan, he never imagines running from the Titan. Whispered rumors of a mutiny endan...
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Men for Hire 2 (Men for Hire) by Bella Settarra, Dylan McEwan, Helen J Perry, Tatum Throne - Romance>Anthology/Bundle eBook ‘Men for Hire’ – that’s the name of Jennifer Archer’s firm in London offering people to do...
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Men for Hire 2
What would you do if gladiators held you prisoner? It’s the year 4044. On Earth, Trevor Sley’s job is to save the world, and he’s failed. All quadrants will go dark in six months. After working a long night, Trevor is a...
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Prisoner (Gladiators of Gelvek 2)
What would you do if an alien impregnated you? Prince Tavek Salvin has been captured by his brother. Caged and tortured, he’s been released into the mountains to be hunted. The first person to bring his head to his brother will earn breeding...
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Chained (Titan Year 5)
Would you leave Earth for an alien who wanted you? It’s the year 4044. On Earth, Gage Smith works for the government, trying to figure out how to save his dying world. After a quadrant fails, Gage loses hope—that’s until he figur...
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Rival (Gladiators of Gelvek 1)
What would you do if an alien wanted you? As the Torrent’s commander, Ezekian Rewn has a secret he’s been keeping since the day he came out of the tanks. He doesn’t carry eggs. He carries sperm. Keeping the secret has meant a lif...
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Conquest (Titan Year 4)
What would you do if they held you captive against your will? NASA researches Jaxon Montero and Kevin Prophet have been abducted and held captive by aliens. They are now in the fight of their lives. They know they can only get through this if they...
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Captive (Titan Year 3)
What would you do if they captured you? As the Titan’s second-in-command, Luse Cohen has no choice but to follow orders. That order is to bring more males back to his home world to mate with the Royal Family. He picks three to take back, but...
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Captured (Titan Tear 2)
What would you do if they contacted you? NASA scientist Cooper Hart is dying. He’s determined to spend his final days hoping to hear a signal from a far away world. When the encryption first comes in, he quickly discovers that this isn&rsquo...
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Contact (Titan Year 1)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HFN] Exactly one year ago, Samantha "Sam" Emery was nearly killed by her ex-lover. Now as an executive chef for Kalen Industries in New York, Sam has struggled to move on. At K....
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One Hot Night

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