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Lurking in the back of Téa’s brain somewhere was the knowledge that one day she would write a novel. It probably started with a rather risqué story in the back of an exercise book at boarding school featuring the long suffering school gardener - not really the stuff romantic heroes were made of but it was before she knew any better.

Life and few heroes of her own showed her the error of her ways and with a baby under one arm, a husband and a half built house she entered a Mills and Boon competition. To her absolute earth shattering amazement she won second place – the prize was a bottle of perfume! Next time she determined she would do better.

But it was still the stuff of fantasy and her family, a herd of alpacas, a protea farm and teaching intervened until one day she decided it was time to do or die. No more procrastination. The characters and plots that had lived in her head for so long were clamoring to escape.

In August 2011 she got serious and joined Romance Writers Australia, entered the Harlequin Mills & Boon New Voices competition and to her horror discovered she hadn’t been – discovered that is. Not even a bottle of perfume this time. But in reality she had won. Procrastination was conquered and determination set in. It was time to get serious.

Tree Change is her first contemporary romance novel and is available now. The Protea Boys will be released by Breathless Press on May 3rd 2013 and her first  historical novel Lily’s Leap - set in Wollombi, the time-warp village she now calls home will be released on May 6th  2013. She is currently working on two other historical romances  inspired by some of the fascinating characters haunting the local museum.

When Téa is not in the museum she can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads or you can email her at

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Current Releases

Available Now!
Will the path of true love incur the wrath of the virgin Goddess Artemis?   Abandoned at birth, Atalantê, protégé of the goddess Artemis, is forced into an untenable position by her estranged father, the King of Ar...
Available Now!
A Winning Streak (A Myths and Legends story)
To the victor go the spoils. Born into privileged society, Lilibeth Dungarven finds herself married, widowed, and much to her distress, back under her father’s rule, all before her twenty-first birthday. But this feisty and independent y...
Available Now!
Lily's Leap
  Georgie can run but she can't hide from the man who stalks her dreams and throws her ordered life into a tailspin.  Emotional entanglement is not on George Martin's to do list. She has turned her back on her sophisticat...
Available Now!
The Protea Boys
  Forced to choose between the world she wants and the man she loves, Cassia opts for fame and fortune. But it's not enough—one taste and she's hooked again... Despite her success in the Sydney art world, Cassia yearns...
Available Now!
Tree Change
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