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Greetings, my friends, I am Ted Anthony Roberts, and I am a Swashbuckling Author - which basically means that my influences to become an artist by pen stroke have been merrily developed by such brilliant authors as Alexandre Dumas, Rafael Sabatini, Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Howard Pyle, Daniel Defoe and, indeed, a host of many others! 

If the imagination will allow one to embrace the dexterity of The Three Musketeers, the derring-do of Robin Hood, the chivalry of Ivanhoe, and even the valor of King Arthur, then one will have a good idea of what my writing techniques are all about! 

And, of course, I have also plastered my textual paintings by the exceptional viewings of some of Hollywood's most dashing cavaliers of the silver screen, in the likes of Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Louis Hayward, Douglas Fairbanks (Sr. and Jr.), and even by the swash-comic intrigues of both Bob Hope and Danny Kaye! 

Now, dear reader, take these two worlds (swash-literature and swash-cinema), blend them happily together, sprinkled with a dash of modern ideas, and the end product will be the accomplishments of my novels! 

I have been a European historian and writer for the past twenty years, experimenting with different story ideas along the way; and as a result of my swashbuckling and historical interests, I have created a website that reflects these historical diggings - which is called The Swashbuckling Press (see below for the web address). 

The way that I see myself is that I am a modern writer with an old-fashioned feel within my written words. So, again, considering the techniques of these classic swashbuckling writers of the recent past, and with these said swash-movie experiences, I truly combine proven enthusiastic literature along with modern textual ideas, and I mesh them altogether to create my own unique style. 

To read free samples of my upcoming Swash-projects (along with sample chapters of The Adventures of Donaree), please visit my official website (address is below).

Thanks for visiting!
A Note From Ted Anthony Roberts

Hi friends, I appreciate you stopping by and viewing my page. What I am wanting is to do is re-introduce the vast world of Swashbuckling to a modern audience. Swashbuckling is not dead, but the genre has been mixed in with Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction and Historical Romance. Together we can bring this vast genre back to life, and allow people to enjoy the full benefits of such subjects as Musketeers, Robin Hood, Knights in shining armour, and Pirates!
Current Releases
The memories of young Charles, and of his adventures upon the waters of the Caribbean and Spanish Main, where he meets and joins with the legendary Captain Skull. But, before his adventure even begins onboard the Skull Ship, he manages to fall mad...
Available Now!
Captain Skull: From the Memoirs of Sir Charles of Riley
The Adventures of Monsieur de La Donaree the Musketeer is a fictional, swashbuckling, romantic tale which is set in seventeenth century Europe. Monsieur Donaree is a relatively new member of King Louis XIV.’s personal bodyguard who is alarme...
Available Now!
Adventures of Monsieur de La Donaree the Musketeer

A Peek Into the Life of Ted Anthony Roberts

Cover to my newest novel for purchase: Adventures of Donaree!

Cover to my newest novel for purchase: Adventures of Donaree!
Cover to my second upcoming novel: Captain Skull

Cover to my second upcoming novel: Captain Skull
Sword Against the Robe - upcoming Swash-Project!

Sword Against the Robe - upcoming Swash-Project!
The Sea Journal - Upcoming Swash-Project!

The Sea Journal - Upcoming Swash-Project!

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