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Teel James Glenn has traveled the world for thirty years as a stuntman, fight choreographer, swordmaster, jouster, illustrator, storyteller, bodyguard, and actor. One of the things he’s proudest of is having studied under Errol Flynn’s last stunt double and continues to teach swordwork in New York.

His work has been printed in scores of magazines from Mad to Black Belt to Fantasy Tales and Steampunk Tales as well two dozen books and anthologies. His latest books are the urban fantasy “Queen Morgana & the Renfairies” and “Byline Ghouls: the further adventures of Maxi and Moxie.”

One of the novellas in the Altiva fantasy series “Sister Warrior” was named one of the hundred best fantasy novels of all time by

Glenn worked regularly as an actor on Guiding Light and to alternately do stunts or act in over 300 episodes of New York soaps. He worked as an actor and stuntman (in a fight scene with Hawk) on “Spenser for Hire TV. Series and in episodes of the Equalizer.

His most famous ‘small screen’ appearance was as Vega (and fight choreographer) in the worldwide web series “Street Fighter: The Later Years.”

He went on to serve double duty as a principal performer in front of the camera in over 70 in low budget fantasy/horror genre films, often serving in a stunt capacity as well.


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Current Releases
The secret war for the control of mankind’s destiny has begun. An alien race, the Kentorra- have been ‘guiding human affairs for generations and have taken a child from each of the major races of the Earth called the Monitors who are r...
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The Journey of One
Join professional fight choreographer Teel James Glenn as he takes you on a journey through the process of creating believable and dramatic action scenes in every kind offiction. Using wit and personal experience, he dissects action scenes for the ke...
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THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS! [A Writer's Guide To Writing Fight Scenes]
Once the Fae and mortal worlds lived side by side, then Queen Morgana became unhappy with a mortal hero and closed the passage between the worlds. For many years the worlds of man and fae could be breached only in dreams or where dreams lived in the ...
Available Now!
Dr. Shadows, the mysterious man of granite, learns of a Japanese plot in occupied Manchuria. Together with his one-eyed girlfriend, Shadows explores both the U.S. and Chinese sides of the Japanese threat, faces ninja assassins, judoka masters, Chi...
Available Now!
Manchurian Shadows
Welcome to the world of Altiva where young Lord Erique Shoutte has become a divinity student at the Academy Kova. Here the young man embarks on a lifelong adventure to serve his people, forming strong friendships and fighting terrible odds to brin...
Available Now!
According to some theories of quantum physics, the real universe doesn't make choices, it takes every path. Somewhere out there, there's a you who chose another spouse, who became a serial killer or a rock star. Somewhere, there's a ve...
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Adventures in Otherwhen

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Headline Ghouls

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Queen Morgana And the Renfairies
"Struggling actor and lifelong nerd Wally Chambers gets his big break when he is cast as the masked part of Bottom in a production of Midsummer Night's Dream. His joy is muted when he learns he will only be doing the masked part because t...
Available Now!
A fantasy tale of thwarted love and piratical lust, blood and treasure!     "Sister Shinara of the Yulinites is on a ship that is attacked by Aurzia- the Red Mistress. When the pirate’s men are going to kill Shin...
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Wake of the Red Mistress
When Korvan Orm decided to live among the Pyrrans he was not prepared for the hatred so many felt for his people, the Travelers. He wasn’t prepared to fall in love, either. When two thugs try to beat the Gypsy out of him, he is saved by...
Available Now!
The Traveler's Tale
John Morningeagle is one of four human children kidnapped by the alien Mensorsa to be raised on their world for the purpose of controlling mankind’s destiny. Returned with the name Christopher Monitor he encounters a government telepath named S...
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The Vision Quest Factor
The strangest day in T.K. Mitchell’s life began with the former marine on the run for his life in North Dakota and ended with him on the run for his life from an entire empire on the strange world of Altiva. Would the Evil emperor who thought T...
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Death At Dragonthroat
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