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Temple Madison is quickly rising into the ranks of hottest erotica writer around today. She slowly evolved from the mundane boy meets girl plotline, to the sexy bad boys who leave a trail of erotic fire wherever they go. Even though she tried to focus on her heroines, she somehow couldn't keep from wrapping her whole story around the gorgeous guys. Finally, she gave in to it and prowled the streets of her imagination in search of her next super idea and gorgeous hunk. Her passion is the big, swarthy type that fits into the big city nighttime scene. These alpha males might be vampires, werewolves spirit beings, or they may be completely normal. But one thing they all are is, sexy as hell.

Early in her career she was discovered on the internet by a publisher that fully embraced her style of writing, and introduced her to erotic e-publishing. What came from it was a series of books that slowly became published, giving her the feeling of at last achieving her goal. 

Temple has had her days in the sun, when she was the life of the party, a laugh a minute kind of gal, and outrageously cool, but writing is her passion today. Today she's one of those boring x-civil service workers that has a penchant for bookstores and sappy love songs. She prefers quiet dinners with friends over maddening crowds. Her favorite pastime is writing a truly exciting suspenseful novel with strong, stand-alone characters, and an exciting, anything-can-happen plotline. After several years, her love of writing hasn't left her, so look for more of her dark romance novels that will give you a chill one minute and a hot flash the next.

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A Note From Temple Madison

Let me introduce myself. First of all, I am two women in one. Intrigued? Don't be. I simply mean I also write under my pen name, Kelly Conrad. You can find Kelly's books on If you look me up, I hope you like what you find, and if you buy I hope you take me to bed with you...what? You think I'm hitting on you? Wow, talk about a dirty mind. I simply meant...wait a minute. While we're on the subject, I think a dirty mind is, well, a wonderful thing. Don't you?

Read on...

As millions of readers are discovering, there is nothing timid about Temple Madison. She’s shown herself to be a daring young writer that has taken on several genres including everything from superheroes to those of the old Wild West. Not only does she author the titillating tales of her erotic man-on-man novels, she has successfully churned out several stories of bestselling erotica noir under the name of Kelly Conrad who you will find here...

In the short time Temple has been on the writing scene, she has published as many as twenty-two books across the globe and is still going strong. Her stories of the man-on-man experience has only just begun and is looking at a bright future of sex, sex, and more sex!

The soft-spoken Temple Madison takes times from her busy writing schedule to display her work on other websites in both her personas and has written several little tidbits on what started her writing about sex. She chats about her dirty little novels on Facebook and has committed herself to shatter the sexist myths that says only men writers can sell a book.

Go sisters!

Current Releases
A piercing howl splits the night as Jennifer cowers against her headboard looking at those crowded around her bed. They call themselves family, but to her they are complete strangers—until Lance walks in. The only one that didn’t seem ...
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Gypsy Moon
Is he Saint or Sinner—Devil or Angel? Is he only a handsome young dancer who performs nightly at the Lucifer Club on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip, or is he the ultimate Stealer of Souls? To others he is nothing more than a dancer in a d...
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Babes of Babylon
Whip Larsen is a gun-totin’, fire and brimstone preacher who carries a Bible in one hand and a load of miracles in the other. He’s not the usual mild-mannered reverend. He’s a double-fisted shooter who stands tall in the pulpit. But...
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Rogue Preacher
They haunt her dreams. People down on their luck that have to sleep in alleyways and doorways while begging for pennies. They wave their tin cups toward the rushing professionals that, like her, hurry along the street to their jobs. Someone needs to ...
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Gigolo for Hire
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He’s a presidential bad boy who makes executive decisions by day, and indulges in illicit sex by night. He lives in a cloak-and-dagger world where he roams the neon-splashed streets and sinfully lit bedrooms to be with a brazen beauty whose onl...
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The Sweet Thief
The riverboat Twilight was once a floating bordello with a scandalous reputation known all over New Orleans. It’s a ship that caters to hot, passionate ménage relationships as it follows the path of the moon along the romantic waters of ...
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Rogues & Riverboats
Tiffany Lovelace, a writer who is famous for her erotic romance novels, relocates to a little town on the coast where a freak hurricane destroys her house. This forces her to take shelter in an old Gothic mansion owned by two brothers. One is dark an...
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Frankenstein In Love
Easy McClure is a pistol-packin’ little spitfire who has no time for dresses or bloomers and corsets, but instead wears tight jeans with a six-gun strapped to her hip. Since such things as socials and box suppers bore her, at night she digs out...
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Taming the Spitfire
Dante, a cross between a devil and a superhero was created in Hell. Once he was complete, he woke up in a dark alleyway in the middle of NYC. He smelled of sulfur, and was dirty with coal dust. Stumbling along in a world he knew nothing about, he hap...
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Hell's Hero
Though Dimitri Silvetti is living a straight life in the outside world, his inner thoughts are filled with secret longing for other men. Many times, he has caught himself looking past the beautiful female cleavage, or the perfect feminine form, and f...
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That Sweet Burn
Eddie Scarlett, one of NYC finest cops, is a tarnished hero. According to the scum on the street Eddie is handsome, hot, and dangerous, but he has a heart as black as death. He’s called a back alley cop because he does undercover work for the N...
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Back Alley Cop
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