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Multi-published author Tere Michaels writes deep angst, witty banter and a happily ever after (100% guaranteed). She lives just outside of New York City in a cute suburb with her husband, son, three cats and a multitude of fish (hint: when the pet store says all the fish are male, don’t believe them!). In her spare time, she buys too many books, drinks too much diet soda and volunteers for her son’s Little League team. Life is good. 

Current Releases
Faith, Love, & Devotion: Book Six   Newly promoted police captain Evan Cerelli takes command of his own precinct as Matt Haight’s security business begins to expand at a rapid rate. Both of their careers require more and more o...
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Truth & Tenderness
A year after deciding to share their lives, Matt an d Evan are working on their happily ever after—which isn’t as easy as it looks. As life settles down into a routine, Matt finds happiness i n his role as the ideal hous...
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Duty & Devotion
Just a Drive by Tere Michaels After weeks of flirting, “One Night” Wyatt Walsh spends a fabulous night with his shy coworker, Benji Trammell. As Wyatt tries to sneak out the next morning, he receives a call from his frantic, very ...
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One Night Ever After
  Henry Walker is the only son of a wealthy businessman - and heir to a vast company. It is his birthright and destiny. But Henry only truly desires the one thing he cannot have...time to spend with his lover, Archie Banks. Archie is his ...
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The Heir Apparent
Several years after the end of Duty & Devotion, Matt and Evan are living quietly in their Brooklyn home with the twins, Danny and Elizabeth. The older girls - Katie and Miranda - are off at college, Evan is about to be promoted to captai...
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Faith, Love and Devotion: Cherish

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Personal Shopper
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Chicago cop Nick watches his roommate, best friend and secret crush Riley marry the intriguing Lily. He has no idea of Riley’s true feelings for him, or the fact that Lily knows and accepts them.   Dominant Lily wants to give he...
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Three to Get Ready
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