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"Teresa has a tendency to daydream in class. She should pay more attention."
That's what one of my elementary teachers wrote on my report card. I'm an adult now and I haven't changed a bit.
In 2000, I started writing my first erotic romance, Hocus Pocus, and within seven months it was completed. My second erotic romance, Now You See It . . . , a year later. Naïve daydreamer that I was, I thought this is it, I'm going to get published. Optimistic, I entered my erotic novel in a contest and ended up placing last in the paranormal category.
So what did I do? I joined RWA, my local chapter, took writing courses, on-line workshops, talked to other writers, joined a critique group and read all the erotic romances I could get my hands on.  
Erotic contemporaries, erotic-paranormals, erotic-fantasies, erotic-westerns, erotic-historicals, for the sake of learning my craft, and becoming a better writer, I was willing to make this sacrifice.  (LOL)
At my first meeting, my fellow romance writers from my chapter started asking me questions. Am I a pantser or a plotter? What's my character's internal conflict? Do the scenes propel my story forward or are they just pretty words?
That day I went home and thought, "Crap! What have I gotten myself into?"  
So back to the drawing board I went and wrote my erotic romance, and rewrote it, and rewrote it till I got it right. I finally placed second and third in contests, and eventually won awards.
Now, everyone can read my erotic novels, share in my erotic daydreams, and understand why I usually walk around with a grin on my face. (My sons have learned not to ask me why I'm smiling because I tell them - in vivid detail.)
Happy reading.

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Shy and quiet Amanda Santorelliis unhappy watching the world go by around her. When her well-meaning but wacky aunt casts an assertive spell on her, Amanda's orderly world is turned upside-down. Unable to control herself, Amanda blurts out whatever i...
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Hocus Pocus
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