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I’m a great believer in Fate. Yeah, with a capital “F”. And I write in those terms. Why? Probably because my beloved husband said he fell in love with me the first time he saw me. You might ask if it was a two-way gig… In a word, uh-uh. Not that he wasn’t fine to the extreme, but I wasn’t looking for forever…more of a fun vacation experience. Yeah, so now we’ve muddled our way through almost two decades of marriage, and I have to admit to his superior intuition on that one!!

So, if you’re looking for an Alpha hero who just happens to “know” his life-mate when he sees them, don’t be overly surprised.

I write paranormal romance as TL Schaefer and erotic romance as Keira Ramsay. Why the split personality? Because I started out as TL Schaefer, and didn’t want to confuse the heck out of the folks who loved that stuff when I went to the “dark side”.

If you like your heroes in uniform (be they cops, firefighters, or military) and your heroines with a bit of quirk, then wing by my website and check out an excerpt or two to wet your whistle!

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Shoot to Thrill
Senior Airman Scott Carnes is sick and tired of being a hero. Recently returned from Afghanistan with a combat injury that resulted in a lost eye, Scott will do anything to stay in the Air Force, even take on a desk job he knows he’ll despis...
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Blink of an Eye
Sheriff Doug Brewster's peaceful life is torn apart when a local militia member is found murdered and marked with a ritualistic bruise. While disturbing, he handles it as he would any other case, until he discovers hisbest friend, Josie Gallow...
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The Brotherhood
Fiona Neal is tired of shuffling between one crappy job and the next, and the same goes when it comes to relationships. But when a stranger at a wedding lights her fires, she succumbs to a few moments of stolen passion before beginning a new life....
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Sea of Dreams (Interlude Three of the RuneQuest)
The final battle in the war between the fae and the pixies is at hand. Each faction will stop at nothing to reclaim the remaining two runes, and cement their position of power within the Realm. Rhiannon, Moira to the fae, and Liam, pixie troub...
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Breath of Heaven (Interlude Four of the RuneQuest)
Chloe Saint James has lived the last forty years on the fringe of society … both human and Fae. With historian Logan Whitefeather she finds a kindred soul, and one searching for the same thing she is—the Rune of Domain. But will t...
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Ends of the Earth (Interlude Two of the RuneQuest)
Aidan Hughes isn’t your average firefighter. He’s Fae, member of the mystical tribe traditionally assigned wings and fairy dust. Sent into the Outer World by a messenger of fate, ten years later he utilizes his unique clan ‘signa...
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Baptism by Fire (Interlude One of the RuneQuest)
Mariposa is a beautiful blink-and-you-miss-it Gold Rush town on the border of Yosemite National Park. Sheriff Bill Ashton's life is good, quiet, until the bodies of five women are discovered in the remote foothills and all hell breaks loose. T...
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The Summerland
When all eyes are on you, there’s nowhere to run…except TOWARD the truth. Crime-scene photographer Sara Covington hides behind her camera from the otherworldly ability that’s caused her nothing but grief her whole life. Yet...
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Behind Blue Eyes
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Brenna Kennedy has spent most of her life guarding a book of lore she’s pretty sure is a family joke, for a species she’s been raised to loathe. Corporate bodyguard Donovan Callahan has seen it all—and done it twice. He’s tire...
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Redemption (Terran Realm)
Amanda Sims is a woman with a problem. Her brother disappeared in the woods on Halloween night. When she enters the forest with enigmatic, sexy-as-hell deputy Josh Kent, the last thing this self-professed witch expects is a spiritual presence the ...
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The Saints of Midland

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