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Terry L. White

Terry L. White was born in upstate NY, grew up in the Appalachain Mountains of Pennsylvania and worked her way through Skidmore College as an adult student with a degree in American Studies from Skidmore College. Her dream was to be a published author and she has been writing for most of her life.

When she found a high school essay in her gradfather's wallet at his death, she got the message and began to write in ernest and to seek publication for her books. At one point, she burned a three-inch stack of rejection letters to break up the negative energy associated with seeing all those manuscripts returned to sender.  Within a year, I was introduced to Connie Foster, who started She loved my work and I soon had nine ebooks on her lists. When Connie fell ill, the company was purchased by Arline Chase and that year my book, The Last Priestess was an EPPIE nominee. Since that time, seven of her books have gone into print with two more of the Chesapeake Heritage series due to be published soon.

Terry has worked as a newspaper reporter and fund-raiser for non-profit organizations. She is a former member of the International Women's Writing Guild.

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Current Releases
Her mother says Lainey Cook will never amount to anything. Her sister Emma Grace says she isn’t smart enough for college. Boyfriend Skip Boyer doesn’t say much of anything, he has no ambition at all. Lainey isn’t buying any of it. S...
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Drama Queen Rules
Myth To Me is a collection of poetry that reaches into the legends that we create from our own dreams when nights are longs and winds blow cold into our very soul. The inner light reflects love, sorrow, pain and delight, reaching out to tourch the...
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Myth To Me: Songs From the Inner Light
Chesapeake Visions is Book Four in Terry L. White's Chesapeake Heritage series and is available in e-book only at this time. Print publication is due soon. Chesapeake Visions illuminates the history of a young woman of the privileged class of plan...
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Chesapeake Visions
Book Three of the Chesapeake Heritage series follows the journey of Janie Fitzjohn, who marries the son of her father's overseer. She dreams of happily ever after with the man she chooses for love, but finds he is both brutal and unkind. Tom Fitzjohn...
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Chesapeake Destiny
Chesapeake Harvest visits Maryland's Eastern Shore with the earliest colonists battle harsh weather, disease and swarms of mosquitoes as they forge a new land. Voyage across the sea with Mary Charles and share her life on a frontier farm as an indent...
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Chesapeake Harvest
The family saga set on the Eastern Shore of Maryland continues as Hannah Carter, a woman of mixed blood, is banished from Somerset by her greedy uncle who uses her Nanticoke Indian blood as reason to deprive her of heritage. Hannah is forced to leave...
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Chesapeake Legacy

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