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Terry Relph-Knight

I have spent the last 15 odd years as a technology journalist, both employed by such publications as PC Magazine UK and The H Online and freelance. I now work as a freelance writer.
I have a great interest in music and design and build guitars for fun. Before becoming a journalist I had worked in recording studios and spent a lot of time designing and building electronics.

My first contact with computers involved a PDP11 while working for Electronic Music Studios of Putney (EMS). I purchased a Sinclair Cambridge and a ZX81 as soon as they came out and worked for NASCOM. Having buit and owned a NASCOM 1 and 2. I moved through CP/M and MS-DOS and Windows, until now I am a Linux fan and use Ubuntu 12.04.

I am very enthusiastic about the use of computers for creative work and write eBooks, edit still and video images, record audio, test electronics and simulate circuit designs, using them.

My current projects include compiling and publishing a number of eBooks related to the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, to effects pedals and to guitar music. Recently I have returned to electronics and have been designing and building guitar effects pedals.

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Current Releases
'Jazz guitar voicings' by Hugh Burns is a music tuition book that provides guitarists with an easy introduction to jazz harmonies. It uses a relatively small number of basic two, three and four note chord shapes that can be utili...
Available Now!
Jazz guitar voicings
A collection of articles about the guitar, GUITAR Mechanics contains information that will help guitarists towards a better understanding of their instrument. In turn this should help them to become better players. It also contains comprehensive l...
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GUITAR Mechanics

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