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Tess Harding has written fiction since the age of 9, and although real life became a distraction for many years has now returned to her first love. Tess writes erotic fiction with a difference, concentrating on character and plot. 

Current Releases
  The year Dani Walker turns eighteen summer camp will change her life.     Dani has come each year to Pinecrest Lake but this is her first time as counselor. A chance meeting when her bus breaks down triggers an infatua...
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Summer Secrets Cherri Red 1
  An abused wife finds there is escape, and the happiness she believes could never be hers. Jenni Adams has strayed before. Two years earlier it was with a young man she could not resist. Now her attraction to the young couple staying...
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The Beach House
In wartime normal rules no longer apply. Georgia and Lillian find themselves posted to a new Radar station on the south coast of England, where they share a small room and try to keep their growing feelings for each other a secret, even to themsel...
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Georgia's English Rose

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