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One can never truly know the way others think and the control, if any, they have over their thoughts. Actions of others might seem bizarre and unfathomable, even impossible to understand, no matter how hard one tries. One might never know what inner ...
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Fierce Determination
Tiffany Keller married her high school sweetheart. Together forever. Wrong! When Tiffany’s suspicions are confirmed, she struggles to accept the truth of her husband’s betrayal.  Blaise Cartwright’s wife broke his heart year...
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To Have Forgotten
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When Tammy Gibbins and Jen Shaffer board a plane for Cuba, neither one of them could have ever imagined what would be waiting there for them.  Caught up in the island fever of love, they meet Chance and Gavin, who are at the resort to do a jo...
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From Luck to Chance
Shattered by a past of terrible choices and mistakes, Hailey Deegan is forced to live a life filled with guilt for all she has done. Embracing the second chance she has been given, which she doesn’t feel she deserves, Hailey is determined to ri...
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It All Leads to This
After swearing off men, a young courageous woman didn’t hesitate to leave her home in Canada when she was offered her dream job at a large advertising company in Los Angeles. Lexi Green, was at the top of her game. A successful business woma...
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Trapped Inside
When a young, naive woman loses herself in the wealth and power of an older, well acclaimed businessman in New York, she is blinded by the enthrallment of the extravagant lifestyle he can provide. For years, Chelsea Barwick has succumbed to the de...
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Blinders Off

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