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A fiction writer living in Jane Austen Country, with a dog and a laptop, wandering through cotillion stately homes and thinking up nasty things for boys to do to each other.

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n Japan a war is brewing, the ancient Samurai are rallying for one last attempt to convince the Emperor that he has terrible advisors. Sena is a calligrapher and it only affects him because it's his lover who is going off to fight, instead Sena must ...
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Dean was a vampire hunter who caught the eye of the master of the local kiss. He hates what he has become and the terrible realisation that he might need his nameless Master and what he offers, permanence. Warnings: This title contains contains gr...
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Love is the Color of Blood
Marcus and Tvorceskiy are on the run from a group they refer to only as the Viennese. They are psychics who worked for Vienna and are now working to bring it down, if they can only stop long enough to realise that they are changing more than just the...
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The Fullness of Earthly Bliss
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When Ronan's sister died he took on her life, and her terrible destiny.
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Cloths of Heaven
When  Will told Ryan he was a fairy, Will didn't quite believe him, at first. Ryan is a vet working in an wildlife animal rescue centre and suffering strings of terrible dates, when all of a sudden he starts dreaming of a perfect lov...
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When Briar is given the image of his one true love he searches for seven years to find her, so imagine his surprise when after giving up the quest, he finds him, the brother of the woman he had to politically marry. Destined to fall in love with Rhi...
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East of the Sun

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