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Thea Fair is a mousy little thing who squeaks when she talks, and snorts when she laughs. Her imagination is wild and filled with far too many things for her own good. Reminders to leave her own head must be programmed into her phone and set with multiple alarms. She is pleased to try this self-publishing thing out.

She tends to write erotic and gay romance short stories. Some are paranormal and a few are more horror than anything else. Humor tends to slide into all of them.

Current Releases
Noel used to be a happy boy with his mother and father. Until his mom passed away and his dad got drunk and married a really creepy woman with two sons. Now he's got a fairy godmother who isn't female, a bunch of friends who are mice, and the...
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Cliches Need Not Apply
Greg's not too sure that leaving the not-so-glamorous life of a bartender for the equally not-so-glamorous life of a model was the best decision he could have made with his life. Three years into the career change he's still not sure which on...
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Settled In Already
Summer is for working and trying to earn as much money as possible before the next semester of college starts up again and Tad is forced to exist on ramen noodles again. His new job working on a farm isn't all it's cracked up to be, but he do...
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Summer Break
Cain Jones is a good photographer. He's been on both sides of the camera for enough years to know all the tricks to make a shoot as painless as possible for both his models and himself. Pity he can't use those tricks to stop one particular ma...
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Shutter Click
Josiah Allen has been many things in his life, and has done things that he can't even talk about without violating a plethora of confidentiality agreements. It's all part of being tied up in covert missions and operations that most people in ...
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A Lack of Privacy
Tired and overworked, all Neal wants to do is pass along the details of his latest job to a foreign spy so that he can get some well deserved rest before the next coup needs to be quelled. It’s a plan doomed to failure as the intense man he mee...
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Rues Inque is your average mid-American town filled with friendly people and some some problems that are anything but average. When the town's emergency contact list contains two psychics and a paranormal investigative group it's a given that...
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Ghosts in the Basement

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