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It is incredible how just one thing changing in your life can make such an impact. For some it is a change of job, moving house or taking a relationship to the next level. For Mouna it is her husband leaving and discovering she has breast cancer...
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Brief Encounters
T.H.Rusty and Mouna Lott's 'Sex Games' is the first of two anthologies of their combined erotic writing. Each self contained story is based on chance encounters, and what can happen if caution is left to the wind. These stories are...
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Sex Games
A chance online encounter has led to the hottest new erotic series from mainstream writers Mouna Lott and T.H.Rusty. 'Sex Games 2' is the second of the two anthologies of their short story erotica. More chance encounters come calling ...
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Sex Games 2
Coming off the success of 'Sex Games' 'Sex Games 2' and 'Brief Encounters', T.H.Rusty and Mouna Lott are back with something a little different in the run up to the holiday season. The competitive writers that they are...
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