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Tiarie Vaughn-Lazzar

I live with my husband in the Sunny Cayman Islands, which have been my home for most of my life. While I have also lived in Chile, South America, I have also split up my childhood living in Grand Cayman (where I am living right now) and Cayman Brac (where many of my family reside).

While I have always loved writing, and have written numerous poems, short stories, songs, and school plays, I never really took making writing a career seriously until a little while back, and when my first Inspirational Romance The Diary of Castaways Island was accepted and published by The Wild Rose Press, it was my dream come true.

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and teasing my husband into an anger tantrum.

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When Lexie Hoskins' husband and baby die within months of each other she is forced to leave their beloved India and return to England. Providence, however, has another fate planned. Shipwrecked on Castaways Island, with an orphaned baby the same age ...
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The Diary of Castaways Island
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Here are two sample reviews for The Diary of Castaways Island

...The Diary of Castaway Island is a poignant story. I could feel the emotions that stirred within Lexie and David. If any two people needed to reach out and be there for each other, it was them....

...The Diary of Castaways Island tugged on my heart a number of times. Lexie is so young, and written so well that I could feel her heartache and sorrows. I could also feel the stubbornness in her that refused to let her give up on what she felt was worth fighting for...

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