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In TIVA, the compelling sequel to EYE, Tim Black continues the story of a Florida neighborhood marooned in prehistoric times by a recurrent hurricane whose eye is the vortex of a time tunnel.     While the small community has resourcefull...
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Tiva: The Sequel to EYE
With Hurricane Claudia barreling down to make landfall in Stuart, Florida, Tom Kane and his family hunker down inside their well-shuttered house. But this is no minor hurricane, this is a Category 5 storm, a storm that many meteorologists believe ...
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American history teacher Nathan Greene looked at his bulletin board. How did Benedict Arnold become the second president of the United States? And who the heck was Shippen Jefferson? Where were John Adams and John Quincy Adams? Shaken, Greene pull...
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Tesla's Time Travelers
Hemingway scholars have long postulated on the whereabouts of Hadley's valise, a satchel containing several of Hemingway's early manuscripts. Yes, his first wife lost the valise on her way to join Papa in Pamplona for a little bull dodging...
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The Importance of Being Ernest
For Taylor Black, that Friday night was like any other in her senior year in high school. A quick dip in the shower then off to see her girlfriends and boyfriend Jeff. Just another Friday night in a small Florida town, until she blacked out in the sh...
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