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Book 1 in the Blood War Trilogy. For hundreds of years, the bestial Grol have clawed at the walls of Lathah without success. Now armed with O'hra, mystical weapons of great power, they have returned, to conquer. Witness to the Grol a...
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Dawn of War (Blood War Trilogy 1)
Book 2 in the Demon Squad Series. Armageddon averted, the world returns to business as usual. Unfortunately for Frank "Triggaltheron" Trigg, business as usual sucks. His night out interrupted by a horde of kidnapping zombies, w...
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Resurrection (Demon Squad 2)
"Life held little interest for Jacob…until he found death.   Abused and neglected, Jacob’s only solace comes when he is alone in the woods or in the arms of his new girlfriend. But when he stumbles across a hidden bu...
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