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I SPENT A DECADE OF MY CHILDHOOD in the setting for the HBO TV Miniseries, "The Pacific." As a boy in New Guinea, my playground was the wrecks of war, and my friends were cannibals. Stone Age New Guinea is also the home of the terrifying Saltwater Crocodile, the biggest and most fearsome reptile predator on our planet. You will find the picture of the real man-eater called "the Father" on the first page of my book - and on its product page on I call it "the picture that launched 100,000 words" - "TEETH - The Epic Novel With Bite." (click on "author's website" to see it and more!)

There is still a great deal of interest in this area, and World War II, as evidenced by such highprofile series as HBO's "The Pacific" and movies like "The Thin Red Line," among many others.

"TEETH" is the first volume in The South Pacific Trilogy. It features a 20-year-old American soldier, Johnny, his Australian mate, Footy, and their POW, who begins as "the Jap" and gradually becomes Katsu Takano, Captain in the Imperial Army and samurai descendant.

Together, our three men run from the gigantic crocodile, "the Father," the great crocodile that is both worshiped and feared by the cannibals and headhunters of the big river.

In their first confrontation, the Father kills a soldier, and Johnny wounds it. From that instant, the predator hunts our hero all the way down the river, through the "Valley of the Cannibals," to the final heart-pounding climax on the beaches of the South Pacific.

One one level, "TEETH" is nonstop adventure. On another, it is an exploration of profound events in our world - the zeitgeist of the 20th Century, as the "Cowboy Nation" and the "Samurai Warrior" faced one another across the world stage.

Then there's romance. The lovely Gwyndolyn saved Johnny's life, but he'll only have a chance with her if he can answer her challenge to rediscover his heart. He's been a killer in war for 3 years. So it's an inner odyssey as well as a great outer one, as this survivor of General MacArthur's "jungle wars" tries to discover who he might become when the war is over.

"TEETH" is literary adventure on the grand scale.
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