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I’m a fifty (mumble) year old wife and mother who works part time, worries about my two children fulltime, grumbles about Edinburgh’s trams fiasco a lot of the time, walks on the beach occasionally, thinks about my plots, stories and characters all the time and writes for a fraction of that.  I’m always on time and never have enough time, I’m a part time meteorologist, in that I try to guess what the weather in Edinburgh will do for the next hour and I’m hoping to write a best seller sometime too.  Most of the time however, I’m running around trying to keep track of where all my time’s gone and wishing I had a little time to read and learn html!

Jilly’s New Neighbours is my shortest book and first published although House of Erotica is shortly to Publish The Non Corridor Carriage Club.  You can read excerpts from my other seven finished novels on my fledgling website, with more to come shortly, so watch that space!

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Gloria Wilson was going to have a busy day, what with the washing, ironing, getting the evening meal ready for her husband Ed but somewhere a phone was was his, he’d forgotten it. There was a message from a woman, one of Ed&rsqu...
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The only thing Jennifer knew about trains was that they took her to work and were as boring as it was. That all changed when the company added an old carriage, by way of diversion to the back of the train. This one didn’t have a corridor whi...
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The Non-Corridor Carriage Club
Jilly Maclean wanted for nothing, except sex. Every day was much like every other, she jogged, she washed, she cooked...she was bored and frustrated. If it weren’t for her fantasies, largely concerning assorted delivery men, she wouldn&rsquo...
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Jilly's New Neighbours
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