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Tina Collins is a published fiction writer and experienced book reviewer. She is currently living in the most diverse city in Europe: London. She is single and is happy to stay that way for the near future.

After a long break, she is delighted to be back behind the computer penning stories in the genres of erotica, horror and the paranormal.

Recently, she has published an email course,  AVOID THE TOP 8 BOOK MARKETING MISTAKES, the report: Too Busy? Try These Tips To Streamline Your Book Marketing and the report: Why Writing Reviews Will Help Sell Your Books

Current Releases
Sing The Blues is a short story anthology of seven Dark Erotica creepy tales. It is the second book in the trilogy, Symphonie De Mort, soon to be published.  Game Play is the first which will be revised and re-published.  The stories ...
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Sing The Blues

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