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Tina Gerow has always had a passion for romance and anything paranormal.  And even in school, was encouraged to put her writing skills to good use, but always with the admonishment to ‘stop writing the weird stuff and tone down the sarcasm.’  But what fun is that?!  So, in 2003, she finally decided to try her hand at writing a novel, but still firmly embracing the ‘weird stuff and the sarcasm.’  Her first book, Into a Dangerous Mind, won the award for Romantic Times Best Small Press Contemporary Paranormal for 2006.   

Since then, Tina has published several more books, including the popular Maiden series.  She also writes for Kensington’s Aphrodisia line as Cassie Ryan.

Tina lives in Arizona with her husband Jon, her son Darian and two orange tabby cats.  When Tina isn’t spending time with her family, she’s usually writing, speaking on various writing topics or at some various and sundry writer’s conference, workshop or meeting.
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Tina Gerow Special Edition published by Books We Love contains three complete novels. Into A Dangerous Mind (Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Small Press Contemporary Paranormal) What happens when saucy, independent mu...
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Tina Gerow Special Edition
Prophecy is a fickle thing. Kefira Knight and her three Gargoyle sisters had hoped they were done with prophecy after Ariel's pregnancy with the son of the blood (see STONE MAIDEN). But it seems that Kefira is to play a part in the prophecy as...
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Fire Maiden

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Take It Off
What happens when saucy, independent musician, Cassidy James, finds herself with newly discovered psychic powers and must rely on handsome, maverick FBI agent Zach Hatcher to keep from becoming a psychic serial killer's next victim?  Cass...
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Into a Dangerous Mind
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After punching his last boss in the mouth, Detective Mitch Guthrie is transferred to what he considers the worst position available for a cop—the SPOOK Squad (Special Paranormal Operations & Otherworldly Contact.)  Between the Sedon...
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Vortex Blues

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