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Toney Curtis Dunaway

Tripp lives in the Central Time Zone with his wife and two of his kids. He writes with passion and appreciates the couple of hours each reader gives to him when they curl up with one of his books. 

One day, when his writing is on every corner, he plans to move his family to the Pacific Time Zone to focus fully on writing, while taking in the sea breeze, watching the beautiful people, and admiring the awesome power of nature's storms.

Current Releases
Welcome to my life as a dating and seduction coach! In this chronicle you'll see what worked for me and what didn't. You'll laugh, cry, cheer, call me an ass, and feel your gut wrench, sometimes simultaneously. Read along, enjoy my rid...
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The Dating Doctor Diaries
  This is the second in my first series. This book picks up where Money Talks left off and follows one woman, watching life through her eyes. We see, and feel, Monica gain an life and lose one, find a lost love, go through the up and ...
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  This is my debut novel and the first in my Woe to the Rich! series. We follow Troy Estrada as he loses his wife, his job, his car, his home, and is forced to lean on his secretary. He was also Royce Garrison's right hand m...
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Money Talks

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