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Toni Noel's love of books started in childhood, when her mother first read The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew to her. She helped start church libraries in two rural Tennessee towns and appeared before the City Planning Commission and the San Diego City Council to urge a site be purchased. As the neighborhood spokesman for the new library the City Councilman for her district invited her to turn the second shovel of dirt at the groundbreaking for the new library. Toni's fondest dream, to see one of her safe-haven-for-the-heart novelsavailable for checkout there may soon be fulfilled. Desert Breeze Publishing has release the author's first published novel Law Breakers and Love Makers in print form.     

Toni Noel's Novels... Safe havens for the heart.

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Current Releases
  Reclusive Jenny Hamilton treasure her solitude. Fearful of venturing far from her modern cabin in the Eastern Sierras, the widow and writer endure a solitary existence caring for her animals until Tom Driscoll washes up in the creek. Sh...
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To Feel Again
  When modern-day tomboy Wilda Stone is blown back through time to 1874, her hot air balloon crashes above the Owens Valley. Stoic undercover agent Hal Grantham comes to her rescue, promising to take her to the silver mining town of Cerro...
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Rising Above
Drew fears the responsibility of raising a child, but can't bring himself to tell his wife. When her continued failure to conceive strains their marriage, Drew books a stress-relieving trip for them to Ringaskiddy, Ireland, where they rekindle...
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Fairy Dusted
  Her roof leaks, the plumbing, too, but on a teacher's salary Treasure Montgomery can barely pay the taxes on her property, so the list of needed repairs to the grand Victorian house she inherited from the troubled aunt who raised he...
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Restored Dreams
  To satisfy the requirements for her Master’s Degree in fine art photography, Amy Millington needs to photograph architect Charles Harding’s childhood home, but his boarded-up house holds painful memories for Charles and he a...
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Decisive Moments
  Because Carina Carrington equates happiness with success, she owns a thriving business and a nonexistent sex life. To replace her ailing secretary the temp agency sends Greg Lawless, a secretive temp without credentials who possesses ex...
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Temp to Permanent
    Deputy Sheriff Jon Sutherland reunites with his high school sweetheart when he responds to a silent alarm she sets off while house sitting. This chance meeting sends the sheriff and Zoe Westmore on a roller coaster run for th...
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Law Breakers and Love Makers

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