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Born and raised in New York City, Tony Bertot saw firsthand the tragedies of city life.  Being fortunate to be raised by loving parents he and his siblings, two older brothers and two younger sisters, escaped the tragedies that befall many that cannot escape the violence and misfortune of the streets. For my books please visit :

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NEW YORK – “Hell Train” gives readers a glimpse into an eternity of paying for one’s mistakes.  By offering the controversial and somewhat taboo topic of hell and its very existence, through fiction, he opens the door ...
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Hell Train
Finally it all comes to a climax in the third book, The Legacy of the Assassin as vengeance motivates the head of the most powerful crime family and the assassin to seek each other out.  The surprise and suspense keeps coming as the reader is...
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The Legacy of the Assassin
The second book, The Birth of an Assassin puts everything in perspective.  This prequel to the first book is even more dramatic than its predecessor.  Some of the readers actually claimed that they could not put it down and finished it i...
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The Birth of an Assassin
The first book, The Heart of an Assassin propels you into the life of an assassin hired by a feuding crime family.  Follow the two families as contracts are taken against each other with the assassin caught in the middle.  Track the life...
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The Heart of an Assassin

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