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Tracey DeSanto is a happy new author of unusual erotica. The idea is to write stories that are friendly, appealing, and hot for women, men, singles and couples (with a variety of orientations). So... no tall order. Future series will focus on a variety of genres, locales, and historical eras. Tracey is just getting started. There will be many more books. 


Tracey does not live in New England with two cats, but just might live in Canada with a big goofy dog.

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Current Releases
Carlotta Morelli is a beautiful woman with dangerous curves and plenty of moxie. In 1955 it is the tail-end of the glory days of the American Circus. Carlotta (widowed when her husband is killed in Korea), buys a food truck and joins Mille Roscoe&rsq...
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Under the Big Top: Clowning Around
This quick and dirty compilation offers FOUR erotic horror tales in ONE short-read book! Welcome to Tracey DeSanto’s underworld… her dark corner of smutty smidgeons. This is where she lets her fantasies run wild.  Never forget&hell...
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Odd Bits & Dark Corners
Space Girls! is a short story about a couple of young women from Mars who steal a flying saucer to go on a mission. The mission mostly involves going to Earth in search of sex. This story has plenty of bisexual action, mostly girl on girl and boy on ...
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Space Girls! ~ Part 1: When Worlds Collide
It’s been ten years since Diana’s shifter boyfriend dumped her. She’s doing just fine, thank you. Life is simpler without a werewolf. Diana is happy running the local animal shelter. She’s also a red-blooded woman who enjoys k...
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Shifter Shelter: Nipped by the Cub
Connie Woo is a feisty woman who is having a rough day. After dumping her boyfriend (and dumping a pitcher of beer on his head), she ends up colliding with a new man. Michael O’Malley might not be tall, but he sure is sexy. He’s also fant...
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A Shamrock Shag: Loving the Leprechaun
Jill enjoys fantasy role-playing. No, not that kind… This is the kind where you roll dice at a table with your friends and pretend you are an Elfin Warrior Princess. It’s all about fighting monsters and hunting for treasure. Tonight&rsqu...
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Making the Rolls
Henry is the new farm hand at Master Brown’s Estate. This is a polygamist community in the old west, and Master Brown is powerful, with several wives and wealth to spare. Henry will need to get to work and fit in as best he can. He must also na...
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Pecking Order: the Mistress, the Master & the Maid

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