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Tracey Steinbach

Tracey has been married for over twenty years to a man who’s broadened her horizons. He introduced her to NHRA Drag Racing in 1997. She’s been a fan ever since.

Tracey has an eclectic taste in music, enjoying everything from country to hard rock. Def Leppard is her favorite rock band.

Tracey enjoys watching Disney cartoon movies, action/adventure, and romantic comedies. Castle is her favorite TV show.

She loves watching NFL Football. Go 9ers and Saints!

Tracey has been an avid reader since her teen years. She started writing, seriously, after her first short story was accepted for an anthology in 2011. Reading books for a living had always been a dream of Tracey’s. She often jokes that she writes to fund her reading habit.

Readers and fans are always welcome to contact Tracey on Facebook.

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Current Releases
Jolene Todd has been patiently waiting for the completion of her bar remodel. Finding herself in need of something to occupy her time, Jolene agrees to house sit for a friend. The peace and quiet is a nice change from the rowdy atmosphere of her bar,...
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Sassy in the Snow: Sassy Ever After
Hadley Reign loves her company, Over the Reignbow, and what it stands for. While she's covering the reception desk, the most adorable redhead walks in to pay off her loan. Hadley isn't shy about wanting to get to know her.  Addison O...
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Reigning Her In
Several years after the Third World War, resources are scarce. The poor are poorer, and the middle class doesn't exist anymore. Teenagers are bought from desperate parents and orphanages, then brought to an island facility where they are to be ed...
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Gunning For Marie
***These are previously released short stories.*** Wulf's Curse Wulf isn't about to make nice with the woman. Sarila thinks Wulf is an ass. Wulf is sure someone is breaking into his home at night and leaving him gifts. His best friend, Dere...
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Wulf's Curse and In Love With His Best Friend's Sister
Thea and Gwen have been best friends since they were kids. Thea will do anything for Gwen and she uses it to her advantage whenever necessary. A coerced shopping trip turns into a “date”. A few tears turn into unexpected sex. Friendship t...
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Pretty Please (+ Bonus Flash Fiction)
  Miranda works for the arrogant vampire, Matthias. She lives in a wing of his home so she can be at his beck and call whenever the mood strikes him. Matthias knows that Miranda is his mate but he has no desire to bind himself to a human, fal...
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Her Christmas Tree
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