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Tracie Ingersoll Loy grew up in Washington State and graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts.  Her college roomate proclaimed, they must learn how to drink Scotch.  So she did.  Tracie ducked out of the corporate world of marketing and sales, where she constantly saw romantic interludes,  to pursue her passion for writing.  You can find her boating in the summer on the Chain of Lakes in Northern Illinois or running her dogs up at the State Park. Her border collie Ozzy and his gal-pal Tibby keep her humble.

Tracie is an active member of the Chicago North Romance Writers chapter, and attends conferences and writing workshops.

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No matter where you run, the truth always finds you. When actress Cassie Ryan flees Los Angeles and her Russian Mob boyfriend, she can think of only one place to go—her childhood vacation home on Hartz Island. ICE agent Jack Wyatt is...
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Deep Into The Night
Jeannie retreated to Hartz Island to rebuild her life. Kip's mission is to stop terrorism. But when Jeannie lands in Kip's arms, both their worlds are turned upside down Jeannie Rogers has retreated to Hartz Island to follow her dream ...
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Slip Into the Night
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